William Morris - The Well At The World'S End

William Morris - The Well At The World'S End

William Morris - The Well At The World'S End

Título: The Well At The World'S End

El autor: William Morris

Editor: William Morris

Publicado: 21.01.2012

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9786050412062

Tamaño: 7.40MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

The Well At The World'S End por William Morris

Long ago there was a little land, over which ruled a regulus or kinglet, who was called King Peter, though his kingdom was but little. He had four sons whose names were Blaise, Hugh, Gregory and Ralph: of these Ralph was the youngest, whereas he was but of twenty winters and one; and Blaise was the oldest and had seen thirty winters. Now it came to this at last, that to these young men the kingdom of their father seemed strait; and they longed to see the ways of other men, and to strive for life. For though they were kings sons, they had but little worlds wealth; save and except good meat and drink, and enough or too much thereof; house-room of the best; friends to be merry with, and maidens to kiss, and these also as good as might be; freedom withal to come and go as they would; the heavens above them, the earth to bear them up, and the meadows and acres, the woods and fair streams, and the little hills of Upmeads, for that was the name of their country and the kingdom of King Peter.