Walter Scott - Peveril Of The Peak

Walter Scott - Peveril Of The Peak

Walter Scott - Peveril Of The Peak

Título: Peveril Of The Peak

El autor: Walter Scott

Editor: E-Artnow

Publicado: 22.01.2012

Género: Filología

ISBN: 9788026881681

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Idiomas: Español

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Peveril Of The Peak por Walter Scott

Sir Geoffrey Peveril and Major Bridgenorth had been boys together, and although they adopted different views in religion and politics, the Roundhead major had saved the Royalists life after the battle of Bolton-le-Moors, and Lady Peveril had brought up majors girl, Alice, with her own son. Kids grew up together, fond of each other, but they get separated in turmoil times. When Sir Geoffreys son, Julian, became the companion of the young earl, he renewed his intimacy with Alice, but Major Bridgenorth doesnt give consent to their love, and both Julian and his father are accused of involvement with the Popish Plot, a conspiracy to assassinate the king.