Rowdy Of The Cross L

 - Rowdy Of The Cross L

Rowdy Of The Cross L

Título: Rowdy Of The Cross L

Editor: Xist Publishing

Publicado: 23.11.2012

Género: Filología

ISBN: 9781681959221

Tamaño: 5.70MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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A nice western novel from B.M. Bower"But the cards aint all turned yet, yuh want to remember, I wouldnt pass on no hand like youve got.”- B. M. Bower, Rowdy of the “Cross L” The adventures of cowboy Rowdy Vaughn who fells for a schoolteacher Jessie Conroy. The problems start when Jessies brother turns out to be a good-for-nothing kind of guy who had done some nasty things to Rowdy in the past.