Milan 360°

 - Milan 360°

Milan 360°

Título: Milan 360°

Editor: Stefano Olivari &gGulia bBasca

Publicado: 14.02.2013

Género: Guías de viaje

ISBN: 9788899298067

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Idiomas: Español

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Milan 360°

Milan, known worldwide as the economic and fashion capital of Italy, is one of the most advanced cities in the world which, in its completely urbanized area of almost 181.76km², includes also wonderful shops and a great social life, besides, of course, art, a university culture, excellent food and traditions recognizable in everyday life and in daily habits; for example, the rediscovery of the small markets as a place to meet and have a chat, or going for a walk with the family in the streets of the centre. It is not at all easy to determine what is in the name “Milan”: first of all, it refers to a municipality with about 1,300,000 inhabitants, but also to an urban area with about 3,900,000 inhabitants also known as the “Greater Milan” and finally, to a metropolitan area of 7,400,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, the city is identified by its symbols, and our intention is to introduce you to every aspect of the city of Milan through virtual photographs, texts and some curiosities. It is worth visiting Milan to learn the many realities that surround this city, from the entrepreneurial vocation to the connection with tradition: only by knowing the richness of the past can we confront the present. Enjoy your visit!