C. Paul Burnham - The Eagle Returns

C. Paul Burnham - The Eagle Returns

C. Paul Burnham - The Eagle Returns

Título: The Eagle Returns

El autor: C. Paul Burnham

Publicado: 01.06.2013

Género: Juvenil

ISBN: 9781532642012

Tamaño: 3.10MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

The Eagle Returns por C. Paul Burnham

The Gospel of John was long assumed to be the work of an eyewitness, usually identified as John, son of Zebedee. More recently, many have judged it the unhistorical product of a Johannine community. Reconsideration by Richard Bauckham has suggested that the author was a Jerusalem disciple who housed the Last Supper. This book explores the possibility that he was present at most of the events he described. It contends that John s Gospel reveals the real Jesus and that the Evangelist was one of the most perceptive Christian writers of all time. The Gospel strongly advocates belief that Jesus was uniquely related to God, and hence uniquely authoritative, thus providing an urgent evangelical thrust to this book. With passion and erudition Burnham makes a powerful case for a powerful Gospel. He invites us to take seriously John the Evangelist s claim to be an eyewitness of the events he so vividly reports and to be reporting for a reason