Christoph Quarch - Plato'S Metaphysics Of Soul

Christoph Quarch - Plato'S Metaphysics Of Soul

Christoph Quarch - Plato'S Metaphysics Of Soul

Título: Plato'S Metaphysics Of Soul

El autor: Christoph Quarch

Editor: Christoph Quarch

Publicado: 17.09.2013

Género: Ciencias Humanas

ISBN: 9783965449275

Tamaño: 6.90MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Plato'S Metaphysics Of Soul por Christoph Quarch

In the beginning of the 21st century, at the edge of the digital era, humanity is bad need of a new philosophical framework. Otherwise we shall not be capable to face the multiple challenges of both the rise of AI and the uprising climate-change. But were to find a proper mindset? Christoph Quarch gives the answer: In Plato. Given that we understand his teachings well, the oldest thinking seems to be most contemporary. For Plato offers a Metaphysics of Aliveness by which being is understood life – and human existence as an invitation to grow and blossom. By his re-lecture of Platos final dialogue "The Laws" Quarchs essay outlines the key-features of a most fascinating and inspiring approach to flourishing humanity. **** "Soul, my friend, seems to have been misunderstood by almost everyone – both concerning her energy and all her other aspects and her coming-into-being. The truth is that Soul belongs to the principles as she is older than any phaenomenon and directs any change and reorganization of everything." (Plato, Laws 892a).