John Kruk,mMlissa kKuk - Breaking The Silence

John Kruk,mMlissa kKuk - Breaking The Silence

John Kruk,mMlissa kKuk - Breaking The Silence

Título: Breaking The Silence

El autor: John Kruk,mMlissa kKuk

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 06.08.2014

Género: Deportes y juegos

ISBN: 9780986367809

Tamaño: 4.70MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Breaking The Silence por John Kruk,mMlissa kKuk

Breaking the Silence; A Rag Doll in Dirty Hands. A desolate broken heart, rejected by those who should love her, searching everywhere but the one place true love can always be found. Cutting to relieve the pain; ironic when that hurts less than the wounds of the heart. Silent screams for help that never comes, until… Breaking the Silence is a brutally honest and open look into one womans life of sexual abuse and neglect; documenting the pain and betrayal of sexual abuse and the struggle to survive and then overcome it. Jora remembers weird things happening with Dad when she was very young, but hasnt quite connected them with the cutting that started when she was a teenager, and continues even today when the pressure inside her head gets too much, and the alienation and intense loneliness she feels as an adult. It is only when her marriage is breaking down and she fears the impact that will have on her young children that she reaches out. In her coaching sessions, either face to face or via email, with John and Melissa Kruk, Jora takes one step forward or two steps back, but slowly the darkness of her past, and pain of her present, is exposed in courageous detail in her journal entries. John and Melissa Kruk are experienced life coaches working with those who have been through painful life experiences. John, who has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Melissa, with a Bachelors in Psychology, have been working as life coaches since 2004. They have successfully reached many people through retreats for couples, men, and/or women as well as individual coaching sessions, focusing on the inner heart belief systems which either free us or imprison us. They offer insights into how we slowly change those long held and sometimes false internal belief systems which cause us pain and cause us to stumble through life in various ways. They call Texas home, but they reach out to help and heal wounded hearts all over the world.