The Bacchae Of Euripides Gratis Epub

Euripides - The Bacchae Of Euripides

Euripides - The Bacchae Of Euripides

Título: The Bacchae Of Euripides

El autor: Euripides

Editor: Anna Ruggieri

Publicado: 16.02.2016

Género: Historia

ISBN: 9788828300755

Tamaño: 3.10MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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“The Bacchae” is a Euripides tragedy, written while the author was at the court of Archelao, king of Macedonia, between 407 and 406 BC Euripides died a few months after completing it. The work was represented in Athens a few years later, probably in 403 BC, under the direction of the son (or grandson) of the author, also called Euripides. It was staged under a trilogy which also included Alcmeone in Corinth (now lost) and Ifigenia in Aulide. This trilogy of works gave the author a posthumous victory at the Grand Dionysons of that year.