Carmel Meehan Why Women Weep Gratis Epub

Carmel Meehan - Why Women Weep

Carmel Meehan - Why Women Weep

Título: Why Women Weep

El autor: Carmel Meehan

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 06.08.2011

Género: Historia

ISBN: 9780994509000

Tamaño: 2.60MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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These stories follow a womans life from conception to old age, and include descriptions of many of the amazing, shocking milestones encountered along the way. These events are private and personal, yet there is a uniformity to the experience. We may speak another language, dress in different clothes, worship separately, but flowing across all these differences are similar experiences of love, rejection, ecstasy and depression. These are real stories from real women. They focus on moments of deeply intimate individual happenings, incredible moments when we breakdown and cry. Some of us weep huge tears silently while some shudder and wail, but there are times when we are all reduced to tears, and it is often the same root cause. We women are more united by what binds us, then divided by what separates us, and these individual stories represent universal events we all share.