Carol Lynne - Fighter

Carol Lynne - Fighter

Carol Lynne - Fighter

Título: Fighter

El autor: Carol Lynne

Editor: Totally Entwined Group Ltd

Publicado: 20.05.2018

Género: Filología

ISBN: 9781786514042

Tamaño: 6.50MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Fighter por Carol Lynne

For Lucky Gunn, the hardest fight of his life happens outside the cage. On the South Side of Chicago sits an old gym called The Brick Yard. Ten years ago, on a bitterly cold day, Lucky Gunn wandered into The Brick Yard dressed in a threadbare jacket, looking for refuge. He hadnt expected the owner, Tony Brick, to welcome him with a job and a place to sleep when Luckys abusive and drug-addicted mother made it too dangerous to return home. Dray was a gay man living in a world of straight fighters. When his secret was exposed to the media, he dropped out, giving Lucky a piece of advice—if you want to make it as a MMA fighter, bury the part of yourself that wont be accepted. Lucky discovered the cage was the perfect place to keep his demons at bay, but when he learns his trainer and mentor, Brick, is suffering from end-stage cancer, he begins to spiral out of control. After eight years, Dray returns to help Lucky and Brick deal with the devastating news. With Dray so close, Luckys old desires return, and Dray teaches him more than how to fight. Torn between his career and the passion he feels for Dray, Luckys past demons resurface in full force, threatening his sanity and his budding relationship with Dray. Despite leaving the cage years earlier, Dray finds himself in the battle of his life with the only man hes ever loved. Will he stand and fight or walk away like he did years earlier?