Men Are Wolves

 - Men Are Wolves

Men Are Wolves

Título: Men Are Wolves

Editor: Boruma Publishing

Publicado: 25.01.2019

Género: Romántica y erótica

ISBN: 9781634750110

Tamaño: 5.60MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Men Are Wolves

Molly thought she knew everything about her mountain home but she has never heard of the wolfman Dylan swears he’s hunting. He has no reason to lie, so it has to be true. Dylan offers to share his knowledge of wolfmen with Molly, who eagerly follows him into the woods. But she soon learns the only wolf in this forest is the one she’s with. Adults Only! 18+! This short includes depictions of an older man conning a barely-legal country girl into oral and hard-pounding bareback sex in the woods. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Molly trudged along the path to Grandma’s house and wished her cousins were still in town. They’d gone home a few days ago, but not before getting in another romp with her by the lake. She was still amazed they hadn’t been caught. So far as everyone knew, she was still as pure as the snow on the highest mountaintop. Only her future husband would find out differently. Whoever that ended up being, since her parents hardly ever let her out of the house. “Hey there.” Molly turned to see who called but no one was there. The path was empty except for her. A man with a big smile, wearing hunter’s camo, exited the woods a few steps behind her. “Howdy there, miss.” “Hi.” She frowned at the man. “Are you a hunter?” “I am. My name is Dylan.” “I’m Molly.” He smiled as he looked her over. “You’re Molly. I’ve heard about you.” “What does that mean?” “Nothing. Nothing. I just heard some guys talking about how you’re the prettiest girl in these parts and they weren’t wrong.” “Oh.” Heat climbed her neck to her cheeks. “W-What are you hunting?” He started to speak and then grinned. His green eyes shone in the sunlight. “A wolfman.” “A what?” She’d expected him to say deer, like every other hunter who came up the mountain this time of year. “You’ve never heard of them? Part man, part wolf.” She shook her head. She’d lived on this mountain all her life and had never heard of any such thing. Wait… “I know every animal in these woods and hunted most of them and there is no wolfman.” “You sure about that?” “Of course I’m sure.” And even if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t let on that her knowledge was lacking to a complete stranger, no matter how good-looking he was. “I’ve been tracking it. There’s been one skulking about these parts. I’m making sure he doesn’t cause mischief…”