Georges Simenon - When I Was Old

Georges Simenon - When I Was Old

Georges Simenon - When I Was Old

Título: When I Was Old

El autor: Georges Simenon

Editor: Penguin Classics

Publicado: 26.01.2019

Género: Filología

ISBN: 9780241213148

Tamaño: 4.00MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

When I Was Old por Georges Simenon

For personal reasons, or for reasons I dont know myself, I began feeling old, and I began keeping notebooks. I was nearing the age of sixtyGeorges Simenons autobiographical notebooks, in which he recorded his observations, experiences, anxieties and all the silly ideas that pass through my head, are one of the most candid self-portraits of a writer ever put to paper. Here, as the celebrated author ruthlessly examines his tortuous writing methods, his past, his fame, his intimate relationships and his fears of ageing, the result is an unsparing, often painfully revealing insight into a man trying both to find and to escape himself. As revealed in these notebooks, Simenons is a shrewd, lucid mind ... the balance tips toward the real, the immediate, the mysteries of human complexity above all ... Utterly unpretentious The New York Times