Tessa Hadley - The Past

Tessa Hadley - The Past

Tessa Hadley - The Past

Título: The Past

El autor: Tessa Hadley

Editor: Arrow (Random)

Publicado: 02.02.2019

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9780099597469

Tamaño: 7.20MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

The Past por Tessa Hadley

"Few writers give me such consistent pleasure". (Zadie Smith). Four siblings meet up in their grandparents' old house for three long, hot summer weeks. But under the idyllic surface lie shattering tensions. Roland has come with his new wife, and his sisters don't like her. Fran has brought her children, who soon uncover an ugly secret in a ruined cottage in the woods. Alice has invited Kasim, an outsider, who makes plans to seduce Roland's teenage daughter. And Harriet, the eldest, finds her quiet self-possession ripped apart when passion erupts unexpectedly. Over the course of the holiday, a familiar way of life falls apart forever. "Exquisite". (The Times). "Wonderful". (Guardian). "Magnificent". (Sunday Times).